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Some More Drop-cloth Drapes

I finally decided to take the easy way out and bit the bullet on some $9.97 drop-cloths at Home Depot. And here they are in all their glory...

(no iron was used, obviously!)

You might also notice the "new" cowhide rug under the coffee table. We went for something a little more cozy in the basement and brought the cowhide upstairs.

We already had the curtain rod and ring clips hung so all I did was take the drop-cloths out of the bag and clip them up. I will eventually iron them and maybe add some trim detail, but for now I think they are doing a great job softening the space. I am still considering painting the small table between the sitting chairs white. I still feel the room is looking dark.

I also rearranged our artwork...

(and realize the pillow situation needs some work)

and have new plans for above the sofa! Perhaps a DIY version of these lovely ladies...

The geese flew over to the TV wall (I know the picture frame looks a little tacky, it's not my favorite but I haven't found a place to move it to yet).