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Master Bedroom Drapery Options

After finally getting the icky oak out of our Master Bedroom, it is time to move on the the fun stuff. I have decided to pick out a pattern for drapery before I decide on bedding. I figure if need be I can find a solid duvet cover and accessorize with pillows to "go with" my drapery fabric. Here are a few options I am considering...



I am really digging the yellow and think the teal might be a little unexpected. Do you have a favorite? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great day:)


Closet Door Makeover

This tutorial has moved to my new site. Please click here for full tutorial!


I want to eat in here!

I took a few minutes this afternoon to throw together some of my favorite pieces to make my dream dining room and here is what I came up with...
Neutral Dining Room

Needless to say, I love polyvore.


Blank Walls

I am diving in to decorpad today looking for some inspiration for my blank living room wall. I want something to lighten up the space, but I am just not sure that a picture frame wall will do it. Here are some ideas...