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Ghost Chair

You might recall this office moodboard I created some time ago....

Office Inspiration
You might also notice the lovely ghost chair. I never thought I would actually pull the trigger on one of these babies, but it turns out, I didn't have to.

On Friday, Josh and I helped a family friend of ours move. He had some great antiques left to him from his parents who have both recently passed. It was actually quite fun looking through all of it. His mother loved carrousels and his father loved clocks. He had some great pieces and some even better antique furniture. The less fun part was the fact that it was 100+ degrees out and carrying boxes + heat = no fun. It was a good workout though!

Anyway, back to the ghost chair. After a couple loads, we were back at the house to load up again and in the middle of the lawn sat this lovely ghost chair. I was quite surprised to see it, because lets face it, the modern lines of this piece doesn't exactly mix with carrousels, clocks and antiques. Apparently, his parents used it out by their pool. I mentioned how much I loved it and was quite surprised to hear what followed, "Take it!". I was shocked, but he assured me he had no use for it and the only reason he kept it because it was his parents. Then, I assured him I would take good care of it and brought her home with me!

After doing some research, I found out that she is  Louis Ghost Chair made by Kartell...

Currently selling for $410.00, here.

I cannot believe she is ALL mine! For free:)

So without further she. is.

Needless to say, I love her:)


Goodwill End Tables

What a project! When you see something and think it would look great painted white, it seems so easy. I picked up these two, very worn end tables and new a coat of creamy white paint and some scuffed up edges would really bring them back to life. 

Here is what they looked like before:

And after:

The process:

- Gently sand with a sanding block
- 1 heavy coat of Zinsser Cover Stain Oil Based Primer
- 1 coat of creamy white paint
- Sand the edges down as much or as little as you would like to give it a distressed look
- Glaze (optional, I didn't not glaze these)
- 1 coat of water based poly protective top coat

Sounds easy, right? I suppose it was, just took a little longer than expected. I hope to have my sprayer up and working soon which really would've helped with this project. Oh well, they are done:)

The DIY Show Off


Bedroom Progress

I have made SOME progress on the Master Bedroom. I really do mean SOME, because right now I am just working with what I've got. I have much bigger plans to change the space and make it much more relaxing with new prints and patterns. From what I started with, it has already made a pretty big transformation...

And then it made it to this...

You can still see the ugly oak trim everywhere and the very poor decision I made with the "mirrored headboard". Sometimes, it just doesn't work and this was one of those times!

After a lot of priming, painting, and spackling, I now have this space...

The white trim helps a lot, but it still needs some serious work. I have big plans for this space, but it just comes down to how much money I have to work with so it will come together slowly. 

I cannot get this fabric out of my mind and I am determined to use it for drapes, but even when it is 50% off at Joanns, it is still $24.99/yard. I would need 6 yards for the drapes and then I would have to make them...I think I'll wait for them to go on clearance! 

This coloring is a little off, the background is more white than that, here is a better picture of some pillows made out of this fabric.

It would be just beautiful. I recently started to contemplate whether I might like to buy store bought drapes (solid color) and then add a panel of this fabric to the top, bottom, both, edges, just somewhere. That would save me some money, but I don't know if I want to go cheap on these. I love this fabric so much I want to use as much as I can.

Another problem I have encountered is the bedding for this space. I know most people would go with a crisp white or neutral bedding, but with two giant dogs who sleep on the bed, one white and one black, I just don't know how practical that is. 

Here are some that I like (some practical, some not).

I hope to make some more progress on this room soon. It kills me to sleep in an unfinished space every night:(


Tuesday's Tour

Tuesday's will now be dedicated to touring some beautiful homes. I might also snap some pictures of what my house usually looks like on a Tuesday, I can assure it is not clean, and throw them up here. Somedays it might be a home for sale and as for the others, I hope to fill them my readers lovely homes (so if you've got a home and want to show off what it looks like on any given Tuesday, let me know!).

Today I have a special treat. This home is currently for sale in my hometown and I am pretty much obsessed. I love that it is somewhat out in the country and has everything a modern house would have. There are a couple things I would change, but it would DEFINITELY work. However, the hefty price tag of $795,000....not so much. 

So here she is...6200 square feet of architectural goodness!
{4 Bedroom: 4 Bath}
Built in 2008

Fab, right?!


Monday Moodboard

Baby Girl Nursery

I figured it was time for a bit more structure on this blog and have decided to dedicate each and every, wonderful Monday morning to Moodboards! I promise they won't all be nurseries, but I couldn't help myself with this one. How precious are those embroidery hoops?! I like the mix of whimsical pieces, like the hoops and poms, and the much more sophisticated touches of gold. The pouf is to die for, I must own one of these someday.

I hope you all have a great start to the week ahead. I will hopefully have some finished projects to show off this week!


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