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Tuesday's Tour

Tuesday's will now be dedicated to touring some beautiful homes. I might also snap some pictures of what my house usually looks like on a Tuesday, I can assure it is not clean, and throw them up here. Somedays it might be a home for sale and as for the others, I hope to fill them my readers lovely homes (so if you've got a home and want to show off what it looks like on any given Tuesday, let me know!).

Today I have a special treat. This home is currently for sale in my hometown and I am pretty much obsessed. I love that it is somewhat out in the country and has everything a modern house would have. There are a couple things I would change, but it would DEFINITELY work. However, the hefty price tag of $795,000....not so much. 

So here she is...6200 square feet of architectural goodness!
{4 Bedroom: 4 Bath}
Built in 2008

Fab, right?!


  1. Okay. Wow. That house is gorgeous. Seriously… I look at a lot of houses online but I think this one tops the cake, for sure.

  2. LOVE! That kitchen is to die for!!

  3. Gorgeous! If I only had hundreds of thousands of dollars laying around...

  4. I love this house. The wood throughout is perfect gives it a warm feeling and I love the Kitchen. Definitely a house to dream about


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