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White Bedding + 2 Dogs = ?

I love the look of clean white bedding, but have always thought it would never be possible for me to have. With 2 70+ lb. dogs (one black and one blonde = two different shedding colors) I was sure that white bedding would be a disaster. However, the more I read up on this topic the more I find myself talking myself into accepting white bedding to make its place in our room. Any bedding with color or a pattern cannot be bleached, so those muddy paw prints must be scrubbed out before you even consider putting it in the washer. With white bedding you can use bleach and those muddy paw prints will come right out! This is what has got me thinking about adding something like this to our bedroom...




I love all of these rooms and there is a reoccurring theme between them besides the white bedding. Almost all of them have a throw at the foot of the bed. Considering our dogs sleep at the foot of the bed this would make a lot of sense for us! White bedding with a gray throw (blonde hair + black hair = gray hair) at the foot of the bed. Now I just have to convince my husband that this makes sense. I'll let you know how that goes!

Have a great day:)


Gray Love

Let's face it, I have never fallen out of love with gray, but I am officially back on the gray wagon. For the kitchen cabinets that is. I watched Dear Genevieve this weekend and she used "Chelsea Gray" for the kitchen cabinets and it looked beautiful. I cannot find a picture of the room anywhere, but here is a swatch...

 Here are some other inspiration pics I pulled together....

Now here is my dilemma. I have had my heart set on using Rustoleum's Cabinet Transformations. I really don't want to do all that sanding! However, the only color they have close to Chelsea Gray 

is Federal Gray

 and to me it looks purple. I am wondering if they would be able to add some brown undertones to it to make it more neutral. Does anybody know if they will help you make a custom color with their kit? I am assuming they won't, but it never hurts to ask. If they won't do it I think I will just have to do my cabinets the old school way. I don't want to settle on a color I don't love just to use their kit. Hopefully I can make it to Home Depot sometime in the next week and ask all of these questions. I'll let you know what I find out.

Have a nice day:)


New Things!

First off, I must include one more picture of my beautiful niece. I crocheted this headband for her and added a flower to it. She looks precious if I do say so myself!

The other new things in my life are these ol' night stands (finally, the search is over!). I am not "in love" with them, but they were a steal, they are "white white" and they have a drawer. I can definitely live with that! We paid $60 total for both night stands (found on Craig's list).

I plan to add a simple mirror behind each one and obviously some lamps! I am thinking something along these lines...

Some new hardware...


As for the rest of the room, I am still attached to this curtain fabric by Robert Allen...

I haven't found the perfect bedding yet, but here are some options...

Things are very slowly coming together!

Have a great day:)



I am currently sitting at the hospital awaiting the arrival of my first niece! Hopefully I will have some pictures to post before the day is over!

Happy Easter Everone!

And here she is...

Baby Macy born on April 24, 2011 at 4:52 pm weighing in at 7 lbs 10 ounces. A bundle of joy!