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Fabric Pom Pom #1 Complete

I have always loved Martha Stewart's tissue paper pom poms (so much so that I used them as decor in my wedding!).

I incorporated them in this mood board that I threw together for my friends nursery and although she has gone in a different direction (pinks, browns, and birdies!) she still wanted to incorporate them in the room.

We are throwing a baby shower for her in June and I thought I would make some poms to use as decorations and then she could take them home to the nursery. Instead of using tissue paper, I figured I should probably make something a little more sturdy so that they will hold up.

I found a tutorial here.

However, they used much smaller lanterns in that tutorial than I did so I thought I would share with you some of the details.

Here is what you need for this project:

- Paper lanterns (pack of 3 at Party City was $4.99)
- 2 yards of fabric for each pom pom (that's a lot, I know!)
- Hot glue gun
- Something round to trace your circles. I used a margarita glass that was about 4.5 inches in diameter.
- Pencil
- Scissors

Step 1:

Decide what size circles you need for the size of lantern you are using. I used 4.5 inch circles. And cut them ALL out. (doubling over your fabric so you can cut 2 circles makes it go much faster!)

Step 2: 

Fold your circle in half...

Place a dot of hot glue in the center and pinch it closed...

Place another glob of hot glue on the pinched petal and attach to your lantern...

Repeat until your lantern is covered.

Attach a pretty ribbon and ta daaaa!

Fabric Pom Pom

Now, I just need to get more fabric to make the other two!


We decided to make 5 poms and here is the finished product...


DIY Inspiration

I thought it would be fun to share some of the pieces that have caught my eye lately (and the price tags). I am determined to find good deals on the structural features of these items and add sophisticated details to give them the look of these outrageously priced items. Here is what I am thinking about...
These horses are for sale on for $499. I think some cheap goodwill horse heads with a nice coat of charcoal spray paint would be a lot more affordable!

Reupholstering some Craig's List dining chairs with updated fabric and a coat of white paint would really drive the price down on these babies (listed for $1249)

Perhaps a cute end table and new floral cushion could create this look on the cheap ($765).

Some basic Ikea night stands and decorative blue molding would make this piece a show stopper!

With some manual labor and a chainsaw these lovely tables could be yours in no time! And without the $179 price tag.

An old luggage rack and a crisp white cushion! Sounds rather simple! ($695)

I hope you have been inspired to get out there and start your next DIY project. Good luck!


What I've Been Working On...

I've been somewhat MIA from the blog lately because I have been spending so much time in the yard. Here is what we were left with after this awful winter...

Much to be desired, I know.

We bought some "Knock-Out Rose Bushes" and planted them in front. We also planted some very pretty plants in front of the window, but they won't be seen until next year. The back of our house is getting ready to burst with blooms and I will be sure to share pictures of our hydrangeas and peonies when they bloom, can't wait:)

I have also been working on some baby shower stuff for my friend, Abbey. She was a Chi-O in college at the University of Kansas so the whole Owl theme is a perfect fit for her shower. I have been putting together these darling little Owl Favor Bags that we are going to stuff with candy. 

And today my brother took the pups to St. Louis with him as my Dad and Step-Mom have offered to watch them while we are in Vegas next week. I will be without my babies for a week and a half! I am a little depressed already and they have only been gone for 20 minutes...:(

I hope you all are having a great day:)