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How to: Hospital Survival Kit for Expecting Parents:)

I wanted to share with you a little project I have been working on for my friends who are expecting their first daughter ANY day now:)

I put together some goody bags to take to the hospital for them. I used Word to create some cute labels and attached them to colorful bags and added some ribbon...

I also created a coupon book for each parent...

For the Mom I created coupons for:

One Diaper Change
(but we both know there will be  A LOT more than one!)
One Strawberry Cream Slush
(her favorite treat:)
One Hour of Silence
(while I keep Harper occupied)
A Date Night with your Husband
A Girls Day Out

For the Dad:

I should add that the coupon book for Jamie, the Dad, is actually going to be from my husband, Josh. So some of these coupons will be pretty darn funny.

One Diaper Change
(yes, this one will be hilarious)
A Very Manly Day
(football, beer & girls, but without the girls)
A Date Night with your Wife
One Hour of Silence
(this one will be funny, too!)
A Home Cooked Meal
(which will probably turn in to take out, ha!)

As far as filling up the bags, here are some things you might want to include:

For Mom:

- Brush
- Mirror
- Hair ties
- Headband
- Mouth wash
- Nail clippers & file
- Healthy snacks
- Not so healthy snacks

For Dad:

- Magazine
- Mouth wash
- Chap stick
- Healthy snacks
- Not so healthy snacks

This was a fun, easy project that the new parents are sure to enjoy:)

We are praying for a safe and healthy Baby Harper to arrive very soon!


I bit the bullet!

Today has been rather productive as far as the kitchen update is concerned. I have yet to actually lift a finger, but we're making progress. Okay, I guess I lied because I did have to make a few clicks to order our hardware and I did go pick up the paint. Here is what we have so far...

8 satin nickel cup pulls for the drawer fronts

19 satin nickel knobs for the cabinets

And Medium Gray paint (Ace Paints color matched to Behr Semi-Gloss)

Zinsser's oil based primer

I have a couple of projects for clients that I am finishing up, but I hope to start taking the cabinets down and giving them a good sand by this weekend!

I am very excited:)