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Dining Room Chair: Before/After

Well, HELLO!!!! I'm ready to get back into this blogging thing. It might take me a while to get you all caught up on the updates we've made 

around the house. I'll start with a small craigslist makeover.

I bought this table and chairs on craigslist for $150...

However, I didn't need the table. So, I sold it for $100. That means I got 6 chairs for 50 bucks!

That floral bed sheet really wasn't working for me. So, I turned to my handy dandy paint sprayer and put on a few coats of white semi gloss paint.

I topped off the seat with some beautiful dwell studio fabric. And for approximately $80, I have 6 beautiful new dining chairs!

I'll be back soon to show off another craigslist steal!

Have a great day:)