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DIY Drapes: Tutorial & Reveal

Good morning, friends! 

I've got the day off today. 

My new MayBook has tennis, shopping, and coffee on the agenda.

Hmmm...that bold, yellow, geometric pattern reminds me of something...

My new drapes!

I opted to use Covington's Windsor fabric in Citrus. 

5 1/2 yards at $12.98/yard = $71

$71 + 15% off coupon code + free shipping = $61

Not bad for custom drapes, right?

I do plan on getting a new curtain rod that is wider. I am hoping that will make the window look a little larger.

And now for the short, simple, bad iPhone pictured tutorial.

Step 1:

Iron your fabric. Yes, unfortunately, this step is necessary.

Step 2: 

Cut your fabric into 2 even pieces. My 5 1/2 yards was actually 203 inches long, because gives you 37 inches/yard. I just folded in half, ironed to make a crease, and cut.

Step 3:

Prep the side hems.

 I opted to keep the edge piece on my fabric and used it as a guide for my hem.

Just fold over twice, iron, and pin.

Step 4:

Sew the side hems.

Step 5:

Prep the top hem.

I ironed a 1/2 inch fold at the top of my drapes, and folded over another 3 1/2 inches. 

Step 6:

Don't sew yet!

We need to add the tabs first.

I used 4 inch strips of white ribbon for my tabs. 

Pin the ribbon in place (under the top hem).

Sew close the the bottom edge of the hem. See Below.

Step 7:

Fold over the top of the ribbon and pin in place.

I sewed one inch from the top of the hem so that the hem would stick up above the curtain rod a little, when hung.

Step 8:

Hem the bottom.

This will depend on how long you want your drapes. I made a 3 inch bottom hem.

Step 9:

Hang and enjoy:)

Have a great weekend:)