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Windows give me nightmares...

... here is what I came up with.
(please excuse the dog tails)

I decided to move the bamboo shade from our master bedroom to the living room and added some sheer curtains (stole these from the guest room for now to see if I like them). I am planning on getting a new lampshade and will paint the side table white. It looks 100 times better, but still isn't quite right.

Planning a Baby Shower 101

First thing first, invitations!

Wrong. First you need a date. February 27th, 2011.

A location. My grandmother's humble abode.

A guest list. Girls, girls and more girls.

Now, for invitations. My favorite.

(if it isn't clear by the gorgeous invitations below, my sister is having a little girl: Name of the day = Macy)

All of these options are from 

An event thrown by me can't be complete without...

And of course some...

Last, but not least, lots of...

Welp, that is my inspiration so far... I'll let you know how it turns out!


Babies on the Brain

No, not for me. But for my sister, cousin, and two friends. They have all got me thinking about nurseries these days. Here is some of the inspiration I have found...

This beautiful set is the inspiration for my friend Abbey's nursery.
I am a sucker for anything white and think this bedding is just so sweet!
I am into gray right now and love this print.
Again, with the gray.
Neutral and sophisticated.
Love the wallpaper.
Had to include one that would work for a boy!

If everything goes as planned, I won't be designing a nursery for some time. But it sure is fun to help my friends!

Thank you to "A Little Lovely"

Today, my sunburst mirror tutorial is featured on "A Little Lovely". Check it out!



My Adventures of Painting Trim

I think it is safe to say that I will NEVER buy or move into a house until all of the trim and doors are white, EVER! 

I feel like I did my research and am fairly competent when it comes to painting. But this, nobody should have to go through. 

Over the past few months I have been painting our oak trim white. I am now working on our main living area upstairs. I have already finished the entryway, dining room, hallway, and guest bedroom (basement is newly renovated and we put in white trim). The living room has given me the most problems, for no apparent reason. It is the same type of trim in every other part of the house. What I have learned is that painting tape is completely worthless. I will never use it again. It is not worth the hassle to put it on and the heartache when pulling it off. Today, I was excited to pull off the tape and have newly painted trim, but I was in for a surprise. The paint peeled right off with the tape and left me with a complete mess. Thank goodness I took the day off work (6 inches of snow here!) and spent all day touching up. It still needs some work, but I had to take a break. 

Here is my advice for those tough enough to tackle this project:

- Don't skimp on the primer (it will allow you do to less coats)
- If you can, paint the trim before you paint the walls
- If you can't, don't use painters tape, rely on your steady hands to do the work

If I do ever need to use painters tape again, I think I will spend the money to buy the good stuff and see if it makes a difference. Don't get me wrong, I won't be trying that one out for a while!

Here are some of my inspiration picks that 
have beautiful white trim:

Meridith Baer & Associates



Living Room Progress

I have been painting my butt off! Hence, the lack of posts recently. Here is what my living room looks like right now. I am just waiting to peel the tape off and then everything can be put back in place. I still have sheer drapes to order and am keeping my out for a new rug and new mirrors or art for behind the sectional. I think the white trim is going to make a huge difference on its own, but am excited to see the end result!

I peeked over the couch as I painted trim to watch the KU game. It was a close one!