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A Funny Story About My Hair

Don't get me wrong, it is very nice having short hair in the 100 degree heat we are in, but every time I run my fingers through my hair, a tear rolls down my face.

Okay, okay, I am just being dramatic. But I went through with the whole, chopping off my hair thing and I kind of regret it. However, it is very nice knowing that this hair is going to a good cause...

Can you believe it? 11 inches of my hair is GONE!

Because we all like a good before and after..



Let me give you a little background on why I officially decided to make this change. Last weekend, my husband and I were out and about, stopped in at Bass Pro Shop so he could get is fly fishing rod for his trip to Montana in August. We get what we need and head to the checkout line. I am standing there getting out my credit card to pay, and the lady at the counter asks...

"Is that a wedding ring?!?!"

I replied, "Yes, yes it is"

She asks again, "You're married?!?!"

I looked to Josh and said "Yes, we are married"

She says, "How old are you?"

And before I could answer, Josh asks her, "How old do you think she is?"

Guess what she says...


She thought I was 17 years old. This doesn't surprise me though, because I get carded when I buy spray paint at Wal Mart. You have to be 18...

Anyway, I thought it was time for a new do that would hopefully make me look a little older. I will be 24 on Sunday after all. The disappointing part is, I think my hair cut makes me look EVEN younger...darn!

Oh well, hair grows:)


Moodboard Monday

Today, I wanted to share with you a bathroom moodboard I recently put together for an e-design client. She has a very small bathroom, wanted a nautical feeling space (not themey), a navy blue paint color, and an overall stylish space. She assured me that they were DIYers which was great, especially for their small budget. 

Client Bathroom

You might recognize some of the pieces from west elm and some of the other images are floating around Pinterest. The key to putting together this space was making sure she had enough storage and I think converting an old dresser to a vanity is a perfect solution. One of the biggest changes will hopefully come when she adds bead board to the bathroom. I think the navy paint above the crisp white bead board will be the perfect balance. I'll be sure to keep you updated on the progress!


Change Is Gonna Come!

That's right, change is gonna come. And it isn't going to be in the layout of the blog, or even the content of this blog, it is not going to be a new bedspread or drapery fabric, but in fact it is going to be a hair cut. Yep. I have officially (and I do mean officially) decided to cut my hair... off. 

This has been a long time coming. I cut my hair off about 4 years ago after having really long hair for most of my life and I regretted it, so I have let it grow for the last 4 years with minimal, very minimal cuts. I wanted it to grow so badly. I think I have found the right style which will not only make me look a little older (than my last chop off, I looked like I was 12), but also make my day to day life easier. So, without further ado, meet Ms. Sandra Bullock!!!

I actually really like the color of her hair in this pic, too. However, my hair dresser and I have perfected my highlight color and I am terrified to veer away from it in any way. 

My color will most likely look more like this...

This picture was taken at my bachelorette party last May. As in 2010. And was the last time I got my hair done. 

I cannot wait to call in at 8 am tomorrow to make my appointment:)

Hope you all have had a great weekend!