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Change Is Gonna Come!

That's right, change is gonna come. And it isn't going to be in the layout of the blog, or even the content of this blog, it is not going to be a new bedspread or drapery fabric, but in fact it is going to be a hair cut. Yep. I have officially (and I do mean officially) decided to cut my hair... off. 

This has been a long time coming. I cut my hair off about 4 years ago after having really long hair for most of my life and I regretted it, so I have let it grow for the last 4 years with minimal, very minimal cuts. I wanted it to grow so badly. I think I have found the right style which will not only make me look a little older (than my last chop off, I looked like I was 12), but also make my day to day life easier. So, without further ado, meet Ms. Sandra Bullock!!!

I actually really like the color of her hair in this pic, too. However, my hair dresser and I have perfected my highlight color and I am terrified to veer away from it in any way. 

My color will most likely look more like this...

This picture was taken at my bachelorette party last May. As in 2010. And was the last time I got my hair done. 

I cannot wait to call in at 8 am tomorrow to make my appointment:)

Hope you all have had a great weekend!


  1. How exciting! I think that it will look fresh and sophisticated. It's always somewhat scary (but that exciting kind of scary) to make such a big change to your appearance, but I think that it will look beautiful on you!

  2. I think this cut will look great on you, go for it.

  3. That cut is great! I think it will look really good! Definitely post after you get it done. I'm always terrified of getting my hair cut yet I've donated to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program 3 times lol


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