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My Style

I have recently been diagnosed with decorating indecisiveness and I think I have finally uncovered the reason for my sickness. It is because my style is all over the place! I like traditional architecture, modern furniture, and funky accessories. You may call this look eclectic, but I call it spastic and hard to cure. I have recently fallen in love with some images on Pinterest, some which have been added to my Dream Home board. After looking at these you might start to understand my diagnosis. 

I love the traditional white cabinetry, the vintage but modern wallpaper, and funky pops of pink! 

The old world feel of the wall treatment and exposed ceiling really make the crystal chandelier pop. I love the rustic table with modern, metal chairs. And the yellow flowers melt my heart:)

The zebra rug, acrylic table and high contrasting colors are what modernize this space. The furniture.  cabinetry & moldings bring in the traditional aspects that make this space work!

I am dying over this image. That chandelier is freaking fantastic. I would probably opt to use a a darker wood table, but definitely keep the rustic feeling.

I can't get enough ghost chairs...

I'm really likin' the pink these days! Too bad I am married to a very manly man...he can't so no to pink flowers though:)

What is your style? If you are like me, how do you merge your styles? I need some help!


  1. I love all those pictures! Thanks for posting!

  2. I freakin love your style! Beautiful!

  3. Oh my I love those inspiration pictures! You have great taste. Do you think you could give the source of the pictures in future posts though?

  4. Thanks Ladies!

    Three Acres,

    Every picture I post now a days comes from my pinterest account and sometimes it is impossible to find sources from there because a lot of times they are posted from third party websites (such as blogs). I will do my best to add sources if I can find them.

  5. What I love about your style is that it works. It's lovely. :)

    I suffer from the same and call my style "just doing what I love (but no pink here either!).

    Hope you're having a great weekend, Bobi.

  6. Wow, I love these pictures and I think I may need to be diagnosed too. I usually don't like pink, but I just can't help not loving these rooms.

  7. I've just decided to create a blog, which I have been wanting to do for a while. Thanks for this post, it's really wonderful!

  8. This is just beautiful! It is wonderful to see such a fresh take on more traditional interiors. You have such an eye! Thanks for sharing...

  9. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I'm just glad I was been able to visit your site. Keep it up.


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