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I can't believe I can actually start talking about my kitchen/dining floor tile. I've been waiting for  this day for 2.5 years:)

I ran all over town today picking up samples. I quickly realized that I never should have spent hours upon hours browsing online, because nothing looks like I thought it did in person. Nothing.

I did find some viable options though and realized that because this is not our forever home, this floor tile does not need to be the clean, sleek, modern, expensive tile that I have always dreamed of. A simple and neutral tile will really upgrade this space and there is no need to break the bank. Here is a pic of some of the tiles I picked up...

And up against the gray cabinets...

I think I like this one the best, but I still can't decide...

I am trying to balance a lot. Compromising my style with what will be good for resale is a big issue. All of the tiles above range from $3.50/sf to $.69/sf, but most of which are between $1-$2/sf. After comparing all of them next to each other, I would not spend more than $2/sf for any of them. 

A couple questions for all of you out there...

1. I find myself drawn to white grout, but realize that I won't be able to keep it clean with 2 large dogs who enjoy going in and out of their doggie door all day. 

Like this example from

What color grout would you recommend for a beige/gray tile that is easy to keep clean?

2. I am drawn to more modern tile, but am not willing to fork up the money for this space. I would like to find some inexpensive porcelain/ceramic tile that comes in 12 X 24 in order to give the space a little bit more modern feel. Do you have any suggestions for where I might be able to find something like that?

Hope you all had a Happy Holiday:)


Am I late to this party?

I stumbled over to, Laylagrace's "mod alter-ego" website. 

I. am. obsessed. 

If you haven't checked it out, it is a must. Obviously the prices are a little out of control. Okay, a lot out of control, but the pieces they have are simply amazing. I am particularly fond of the lighting options, mirrors, and GORGEOUS pillows. Expensive, but oh so pretty to look at.

Click here to visit Zinc Door


(unrelated to Zinc Door)

I couldn't help myself. I broke out some Christmas decorations...

It's a little bare. Time to go shopping:)

Have a great day!


Deals, Deals, & more Deals

I was browsing the internet on my lunch break today and because so many sites are blocked, I had to get creative. I looked at a few websites that are outside my normal home decor realm and came across so pretty great deals. 

First up, Home Decorators:

Julia Side Chair $90.99 (originally $199)

Recycled Nestled Table Set $161.99 (originally $399)
Reflections Westport Cabinet $132.99 (originally $379)
Parsons Office Chair $48.99 (originally $149)
Soho Delfino Dining Table $181.99 (originally $329)
Julia Tray Table $97.99 (originally $199)
Martha Stewart Living Larssen Sofa $449.99 (originially $999)

Dimension Rug 5X8 $244.99 (originially $499)


Liz Claiborne New York Chainlette Jacquard Throw $18.12
(comes in coral & navy too!)


Pedastal Accent Table $34.98


Driftwood Mirror $199 (originally $299)

Good deals right?!



That's right...Stripes. Not spots.  I am on the hunt for some headboard fabric. Once again, here is the inspiration picture for our master bedroom...
I am digging the stripes. However, the wall color in our master is gray and it will be staying as so. I like the drama of the headboard and the contrast it brings to the space, but I am afraid the stripes will look "circus-y" in a room that already has gray walls. I have also tracked down the fabric used for this headboard and it is a little pricey. Here are some of the options I am considering...

Robert Allen Oversized Stripe Charcoal Fabric
(used in inspiration picture)

Richloom Treviso Bisque
(on sale half price at Joann's)

Carousel Designs (
Gray & White Stripe Fabric

Sunbrella Greek Key Gray and White Super Heavyweight
Reversible Outdoor Fabric

Canopy Collection by Premier Prints, Inc.

I might be leaning toward the more muted stripes, but I don't want to lose the drama. 

Let me know if you have any thoughts or opinions! I would love to hear from you:)

Here are some more stripes that I am digging...

Striped tile!

Striped scarf!
Nursery stripes!

Striped bridesmaid dresses!

Striped floor!

Striped rug!

And finally, a striped ceiling;)


The Holidays & an Update

Mini update:

I'm only 4 days in to my new lifestyle and I have lost 3.2 lbs. The weekends are especially hard. I find myself surrounded by tailgating food and large family dinners. I still have my eye on the prize and am hoping to hold out to really splurge on food until Thanksgiving. When I planned out my weight loss goals, I gave myself some wiggle room for the Holiday's. 

Speaking of Holiday's! I have already pulled out my VHS of Home Alone. I normally wait until around Thanksgiving to watch it, but I just couldn't help myself. It brings back a lot of good memories and gets me in the Holiday spirit:) I completely skipped the fall/halloween decorating this year. I do have a fall scented candle that sometimes makes me feel like my house is fall-y, but in reality I know it isn't. I love fall, but have my sites set on winter and CHRISTMAS:) I know it is early, but here are some of my favorite decorating ideas...

Centsational girl really has me wishing for a fireplace!

I think these would look lovely on my buffet. I would go for more muted colors, silvers & golds. Love the look!

I wish I had a space to do this. I'll think of something:)

How cute and simple are these? I am trying to convince myself that putting one on each doorknob in our house wouldn't annoy me. 

And in case I don't get around to actually decorating for the holidays, which is a definite possibility, I might have to settle for the smell of the holidays with this wonderful stove top potpourri.

Have a great weekend:)


Mini Kitchen Reveal

It's been a while, but I promise I have been busy! And here are some pictures to prove it...

I decided the painted soffits didn't look right and have since painted them white...

(I took these pictures before I had all of the hardware on, but I have since put all of them on.)

The burgundy tile really ruins the whole look of the kitchen and I have been searching high and low for the perfect tile to replace it. Hopefully it will be gone soon. Along with the light fixtures! 

I really want to add some colorful accessories, too. The beige switch plates will be switched out with white ones, finally!

Here is a small update in the master bedroom. I switched back to an old duvet cover that I bought when we first moved into the house and I think it makes the bedroom much calmer and more soothing...

Anyway, I should be back soon with some more updates:)


A' La Mode Maven

Today, I am lucky enough to be participating in Shelli's Tuesday Turndown over at A' La Mode Maven.

If you haven't checked out Shelli's blog or her house, you NEED to. It is A-Maze-ING!

On an unrelated note, I hope to start/finish putting up our kitchen cabinet hardware today:)

Pics to come.

Thanks again Shelli!!!!!