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I can't believe I can actually start talking about my kitchen/dining floor tile. I've been waiting for  this day for 2.5 years:)

I ran all over town today picking up samples. I quickly realized that I never should have spent hours upon hours browsing online, because nothing looks like I thought it did in person. Nothing.

I did find some viable options though and realized that because this is not our forever home, this floor tile does not need to be the clean, sleek, modern, expensive tile that I have always dreamed of. A simple and neutral tile will really upgrade this space and there is no need to break the bank. Here is a pic of some of the tiles I picked up...

And up against the gray cabinets...

I think I like this one the best, but I still can't decide...

I am trying to balance a lot. Compromising my style with what will be good for resale is a big issue. All of the tiles above range from $3.50/sf to $.69/sf, but most of which are between $1-$2/sf. After comparing all of them next to each other, I would not spend more than $2/sf for any of them. 

A couple questions for all of you out there...

1. I find myself drawn to white grout, but realize that I won't be able to keep it clean with 2 large dogs who enjoy going in and out of their doggie door all day. 

Like this example from

What color grout would you recommend for a beige/gray tile that is easy to keep clean?

2. I am drawn to more modern tile, but am not willing to fork up the money for this space. I would like to find some inexpensive porcelain/ceramic tile that comes in 12 X 24 in order to give the space a little bit more modern feel. Do you have any suggestions for where I might be able to find something like that?

Hope you all had a Happy Holiday:)


  1. Could you do a light gray tile with a darker gray grout? That is what I would start considering if I was you! :)

  2. The light font with the chevron background makes your blog very hard to read. It's way too busy to read on the actual blog so I have to read it in google reader to keep from getting cross eyed.

  3. Thanks for the shoutout! :) I would go with the darker tile in a grout color that matches it (or is a similar shade). The tile in our kitchen isn't white, it's a light greige-ish, and I'm surprised how clean it stays.

  4. I love the way gray grout looks on lighter tile.. I would imagine easy to clean and not show a lot of dirt! We're in the process of redoing our kitchen (it's a very SLOW process!), so I'm enjoying following your blog and getting some ideas!

  5. Love it darling! Check my blog and tell me if you wanna follow each other! ;) Kisses from Romania!

  6. Have you checked out slate? You can find an inexpensive tile, under $2, at Home Depot and Lowes. Your choices are fantastic, but adding a suggestion :)


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