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Our Dream Home

We had the pleasure of walking through the University of Kansas campus this weekend, in order to watch my sister in law graduate. Every time we are on campus we pass a newly constructed house in the middle of campus and we just stare at it. My husband loves it just as much as I do. Although, he might love it more because it is in his dream location, too. After all, he would only have to walk down the street to get to the football stadium! Anyway, I actually remembered to snap a pic this time and I wanted to share. It is obviously a craftsman style home and because it is newly built in a developed neighborhood, the lot feels a little bit squished (our only complaint). 

I love how even the small square windows actually open, the landscaping is just right, and those garage doors are lovely (although, I would prefer white). The paint color is a greenish/brown, which would be just fine for us, but I would like to see it in less green, gray.

I have never seen the inside of the space, but if it was ours, I would envision something like this...




The Backyard:

Laundry Room:

Master Bath:

Sliding Barn Door:

And some of these leading out to the backyard/pool:

Guest Room:

Master Bedroom:


Living Room:

Mix between, this...

and this...

With a coffered ceiling:


A little bit of this,

Some of this, too


But add some more cozy,

That could be one fabulous house if I do say so myself!