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Mini Kitchen Reveal

It's been a while, but I promise I have been busy! And here are some pictures to prove it...

I decided the painted soffits didn't look right and have since painted them white...

(I took these pictures before I had all of the hardware on, but I have since put all of them on.)

The burgundy tile really ruins the whole look of the kitchen and I have been searching high and low for the perfect tile to replace it. Hopefully it will be gone soon. Along with the light fixtures! 

I really want to add some colorful accessories, too. The beige switch plates will be switched out with white ones, finally!

Here is a small update in the master bedroom. I switched back to an old duvet cover that I bought when we first moved into the house and I think it makes the bedroom much calmer and more soothing...

Anyway, I should be back soon with some more updates:)