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Happy 50 Followers Day!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank each and every one of my 50 followers! I am so grateful that you all appreciate the work I have put into my home and this blog. I realize I am not the most "sophisticated" blogger. I do not have giveaways or sponsors. But I can only hope you find my tutorials and information at least somewhat inspiring!

I would love to hear about what you think of the blog, so if you care to share, please leave a comment in this post answering one of these questions (or any comment you would like!).

What would you like to see more of in my blog?

What would you like to see less of in my blog?

Do you have any specific topics/projects you would like me to write about?

What would you like to see different in the layout of the blog? 

I look forward to your feedback.

Have a GREAT day!


Daily Deals

Today all my deals come from

First up, this Lyon 300TC King Size Duvet Cover for $39.99:

They also have this Interlocking 240TC King Size Duvet for only $34.99:

(available in 3 colors)

Also available is this Tempo 300TC Duvet Set for $34.97:

This cute little storage ottoman is only $49.99:

A 6 foot round gray zebra rug for $199:

Timora Cotton Throw (so springy!) for $49.99:


Chevron Painted Drop Cloth Drapes - Tutorial

I finally got around to painting my drop cloth drapes. It was a long process, but hopefully it was worth it. Here is what they looked like before:

And the after:

(you might notice the new lamp too!)

I plan on getting a longer curtain rod so the drapes aren't so scrunched at the top which will allow you to see more of the pattern.

Here is what you need for this project:

- 2 drop cloths ($9.98 from HD)
- Foam Brush
- Matte fabric paint in any color ($4.00 from Michaels)
- Tape (painters or masking)

Step 1:

Draw out on paper the measurements of your drapes. I originally planned to make about 7 stripes, but quickly realized that would have taken FOREVER so I decided on 4, 6 inch stripes. 

Step 2: 

Tape off your design.

Step 3: 

Use your foam brush and paint to paint INSIDE your tape lines. The tape doesn't stick well at all to the drop cloth so instead of painting all the way to the tape, I did this.

I used my foam brush to make a "straight" line inside the tape and then painted inside.

After you paint your stripes, you'll be left with this...

I sewed the top of mine in order to hang it on my curtain rod..

Ta daaaa!

FYI: The stripes look "full" in pictures and from far away. However, when the sun shines through you can see a few spots that didn't get quite as much paint as others. I recommend really slapping on the paint so you aren't left with little spots. If I work up the energy I might go back and repaint some of the more translucent areas.

Good Life Wednesdays


Found the perfect light fixture for the office!

I love this light fixture from and I think it is just perfect for my little office. I recently unveiled my wall art gallery and have since decided to paint the frames white to give me a more cohesive look. I want to use the chevron fabric to make a skirt for my console table to hide the ugly computer tower and printer. The other fabric will be for drapes. I already have a large white table that I will use as my workspace. I'll need some chairs and storage and I think she'll look beautiful!

Office Inspiration



If I were a piece of furniture...

I would be this...

Curved legs, beautiful color, sparkly knobs and a trellis pattern. Yep, that would be me alright! To bad I can't even dream up a place to put her in my house. She might blend in a little to much in here...

I also spotted another beautiful piece at HG that would be perfect for a nightstand, but once again there was only one:(

Love this pillow and I am loving yellow lately! Spring fever I suppose.

What would you be if you were a piece of furniture?!?!