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Living Room Layout

I am not satisfied with our living room. Not at all. Our sectional looks dungy and everything else looks too brown. Not to mention I cannot for the life of me find something I love to hang on the biggest blank wall in the space. I have recently come across some inspiring images though. I think that a console table behind our sectional (which is currently pushed up against two walls) will help make the space more intimate. It will also allow me to take up some of the wall space with lamps and accessories. Here is what I am thinking...

Here is what the living room looks like now:

I realize that adding a console table behind the sectional is not going to be "the answer" to this spaces issiues, but hopefully it will help! 

I plan to DIY this and I really mean DIY. The piece of furniture doesn't even necessarily need to be functional. All we really need is a ledge behind the sofa. So with some "L" brackets and leftover MDF board I think we can whip something up. I'll share more when I know more!

Have a great day!
 Happy Mother's Day to all those hard working Mommy's out there:)