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DIY Inspiration

I thought it would be fun to share some of the pieces that have caught my eye lately (and the price tags). I am determined to find good deals on the structural features of these items and add sophisticated details to give them the look of these outrageously priced items. Here is what I am thinking about...
These horses are for sale on for $499. I think some cheap goodwill horse heads with a nice coat of charcoal spray paint would be a lot more affordable!

Reupholstering some Craig's List dining chairs with updated fabric and a coat of white paint would really drive the price down on these babies (listed for $1249)

Perhaps a cute end table and new floral cushion could create this look on the cheap ($765).

Some basic Ikea night stands and decorative blue molding would make this piece a show stopper!

With some manual labor and a chainsaw these lovely tables could be yours in no time! And without the $179 price tag.

An old luggage rack and a crisp white cushion! Sounds rather simple! ($695)

I hope you have been inspired to get out there and start your next DIY project. Good luck!

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  1. Those horse heads are nice but too expensive! ha!


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