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White Bedding + 2 Dogs = ?

I love the look of clean white bedding, but have always thought it would never be possible for me to have. With 2 70+ lb. dogs (one black and one blonde = two different shedding colors) I was sure that white bedding would be a disaster. However, the more I read up on this topic the more I find myself talking myself into accepting white bedding to make its place in our room. Any bedding with color or a pattern cannot be bleached, so those muddy paw prints must be scrubbed out before you even consider putting it in the washer. With white bedding you can use bleach and those muddy paw prints will come right out! This is what has got me thinking about adding something like this to our bedroom...




I love all of these rooms and there is a reoccurring theme between them besides the white bedding. Almost all of them have a throw at the foot of the bed. Considering our dogs sleep at the foot of the bed this would make a lot of sense for us! White bedding with a gray throw (blonde hair + black hair = gray hair) at the foot of the bed. Now I just have to convince my husband that this makes sense. I'll let you know how that goes!

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