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My Decorating Agenda: 5.2.11

I have had some projects piling up in my head and this week I plan to check some of them off the list. 

First, I plan to take some old bathroom mirrors to a glass cutting shop to get cut. I saw this photo and realized that I have a few pieces of furniture that could use some pizzaz!

I have my eye on updating 2 of these...

And the colored panels in this piece...

I am very excited to get this project underway! 

My peonies are getting ready to bloom and I think I need some gorgeous vases to display them in. What could be easier than some glass bottles with a drop of paint? Apparently all you need to do to make this beauties is put a dollop of paint in the vessel and twist & turn it until it is completely coated!

I have yet to share this last project with my husband, so we will have to wait and see if it comes to fruition. I need a place to get comfortable out on our deck and if some free pallets show up on my local CL you can be sure I will be making one of these!

Have a great day:)

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  1. We did that end table come from? I think those would look gorgeous in our bedroom.


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