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I've been busy!

I have been a bad blogger lately and I am here to try to make it better! 
This weekend I am throwing a baby shower on Saturday and a going away party on Sunday for my cousin who is leaving for China. 

As far as our house projects go, we have made progress on our pallet sectional, but it is not yet complete. We have decided to wrap the pallets in a mosaic of 2 by 4's to give it a much more cohesive look. My Dad is spending the week with us in order to compete in a golf tournament and he is bringing some of his tools to help us finish it off.

I am sad to report that my brothers dog, Dexter, decided that our baseboards tasted yummy. Which then lead him to my faux board & batten... I still don't know how he got through 4 coats of paint, 3 nails and liquid nails, but somehow he was able to rip off a piece of lattice wood. So that needs to be fixed before Sunday!

I have also been busy going to interviews and a couple "field days" where I get to shadow a current employee. I am hoping to hear back from one company today and I am praying for good news:)

Here are some of my favorite pinterest pics from the week.


Sarah Richardson

Stamped concrete!

I will be making a couple of these!

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  1. Ooh love these pics! Thanks for the eye candy :)


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