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Kitchen Update

I've been busy!

Here is what our messy kitchen looks like now...

I have finished this part, but have yet to touch the cabinet doors, which will be the longest part. I also went ahead and painted the little bit of wall above the cabinets the same color and plan to add some crown moulding to give it some depth. I was a little worried at first, as the paint looked a little green, but it has dried now and is a very true gray, no green at all! 


  1. Lookin' good girl! So excited to see the transformation!!

  2. The gray is looking so good! I'm so happy you went that route!

  3. I just saw your post on the Nest and left a comment. I see the fridge in this photo though and have 2 more cents to add. ;) How about doing something to the fridge? Painting it? Magnetic chalkboard would be really cool and a modern edge to your new look in there...or painting the fridge door pulls silver at the very least? looking good though...


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