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Daily Deals

Because I spend so much time shopping online, I figured I would start a weekly post about some of the best deals I have found.

First up, a beautiful Crate & Barrel coffee table on my local Craig's List for $75.

Next, these cute little side tables available in lovely spring colors for $149 at

Lovely side table for $159 on

This beautiful sideboard is only $155 on
( I wanted to use it as our night stands, but it is just a wee bit too wide, darn!)

I hope you all are finding as many good deals as I am:)


  1. Oh man that chest from QVC is awesome! Great find!

  2. Isn't that a great piece? It kind of worries me that it is only $155. I have never ordered anything from QVC, but am determined to find a space for this piece in my house.


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