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I have heard  enough complaining from my lovely husband about the fact that he has to reach down a little to use grab anything off of his makeshift nightstand. The time has come to fulfill his dreams of a 27 inch nightstand that can house his cell phone, a lamp, and a book. Easy enough...or so I thought. 

I fell in love with some expensive options seen on

$1788 (ridiculous)


After falling in love with these, it dawned on me that I had recently seen something similar...

Only $129.99!!!!

It would have been perfect if it only had a twin. Absolutely perfect. Of course, I would have changed out the knobs for something a little more fancy, but I have a feeling I will be kicking myself for not picking this lady up when I had the chance (it is long gone now).

I did find a few options today at HomeGoods, but nothing I love as much as the one above. Not only because they don't look like this one, but also because they are not the right color and it would be necessary to paint some brand new pieces of furniture, which for some reason seems a little wrong to me.

As you can probably tell, most of these are tables are single ladies and don't have a significant other. Ideally I would like to have two of the same to get that symmetrical look I am going for. I will keep my eye out and maybe, just maybe run into the white beauty again.

Wish me luck!


  1. I would have a hard time painting a new piece of furniture too. If I have to pay "new item" prices, then I don't want to have to do any more work than maybe a knob change out.

    I've seen tons of cute nightstands at homegoods, but am always bummed that I can never seem to find them in pairs. Are you specifically looking for white? Ikea has a cool grey nightstand called Edland. I think it's $149. That's on my list.

  2. I went and picked up two nightstands at HomeGoods yesterday (the off white one pictured above), but they are just too yellowy and a little small.

    And I do love those ikea ones, but unfortunately the closest ikea to me is about 8 hours (I have never been). I am trying to plan a trip up there sometime soon so maybe I'll just have to wait until then! Thanks for the suggestion:)


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