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DIY Bulletin Board Tutorial

Stay with me here folks. On this project I used all left over materials from my DIY Headboard, seen here...

Materials needed:

- Plywood - whatever size you want your board to be
- Fabric
- 1 inch foam padding
- Nail head trim
- Rubber mallet 
- Measuring tape
- Glue gun/spray adhesive
-Staple gun

*Keep in mind I am going to use some pictures from my headboard because it is essentially the same process and I didn't take very good pictures this time around*

Step 1:
Lay out your plywood and cut your foam to fit it...
You will probably want to keep your plywood a square, but whatever floats your boat:)

There is no need to add the mdf board around the edges like I did on the headboard. Just lay out your foam to fully cover the plywood and use a hot glue gun or spray adhesive to get it to stick to the plywood.

Step 2:

Cover your foam with fabric and turn it over. Begin stapling the fabric to the back of the plywood. I find it best to put a couple staples on each end and then go back through, pull tight, and add a bunch more.

Step 3: Turn it back over and begin adding your nailhead trim in whatever design you please.

I used leftover nailhead trim, which is much easier to keep straight than hundreds of individual nails. I cut a piece of a glue stick that I used to measure from the edge of the board to the line of my nailhead to make sure it was even all the way around.

You should be left with something that looks like this!

Because I used 1 inch foam, I don't have to stick the thumb tacks all the way to the plywood. They are very secure just sticking through the fabric and foam padding. You could also make this with no padding, or just batting if you want to. I recommend using whatever you have on hand.

I finally got around to hanging this bad boy up!


  1. LOVIN it!! You go girl, you did a FAB job!!! wow! I am forwarding this tomy mom bc we need to make one for her. ALso, can you make your pics bigger on your blog? Us old folk like the big pics, lol. Im picturing gorgeous light sconces on the side of your awesome headboard or some rectangular mirrors hung behind chic table lamps, xoxo shel

  2. ps- just a tip that someone told me and it worked so i'll pass it along, if you take your word verification off, you'll probably get more comments =) xoxo shel

  3. Thanks girls!

    a' la mode: I can definitely make the pics bigger and I had no idea I could take the word verification off, but I will definitely do that. Thank you:)

  4. Hey girl, I finally completed my upholstered headboard and used yours as a guide! I love how it turned out! :)


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