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My Decorating Failures

I have been really trying to get some projects done lately, but they aren't going too well!

First, I attempted painting some pretty vases...

Didn't work out too well! Back to the drawing board on this project.

Next, I turned this old piece of sports memorabilia into what I thought would be a gorgeous art piece...

Instead, it looks like it came straight from the 80's. I am contemplating whether to even try this one again. A fresh/modern color palette might help, but it might not.

I also made this bulletin board...

(tutorial coming soon)

It turned out great, but I keep forgetting to buy some hardware to actually hang it on the wall. So it is still sitting on the floor. FAIL.

I hope this week will go a little smoother for me!

And for you too:)


  1. can you share how you made the bulletin board? I love it! xoxo shel

  2. Ya...i'm interested to know. Got this grey n dull looking buletin board in my cubicle. DYING to know how to decorat it.


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