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Handy Dandy Wrapping Organizer

For the past couple of months my office has looked like this...

 It has been the dumping ground for all of my painting tools, "leftover" furniture and tv's, and lots of crap. I finally decided to tackle this project today and get it organized. I had been brainstorming different ideas for how to organize my wrapping supplies. I have had a small "picture frame coat rack" that I got from a friend a while back. We don't have a typical entryway because we live in a split level house so I couldn't decide where to put it. I decided to use it to hang my gift bags. Here is what that corner looks like now...

It is very functional and even acts as a piece of art with all the colorful bags. I know hobby lobby carries pieces like this and with a 40% off coupon it would be very affordable and can help you organize.

I am off to start painting the trim white, more pics to come!

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