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Project Stencil is Underway....Sort of.

First of all, I would like to share with you today the miracle that happened this morning. Since the new year began, my "resolution" was supposed to be exercising more often. Needless to say, it hasn't worked out too well. Today, I said enough was enough. I got up at 6:30 and made my way to the treadmill. I realized my running shoes were out in my car, which is on the street, AND it was snowing. Normally I would have just gotten on the computer and started my day without the workout. But today, I put on my uggs and stomped outside in the freezing cold and got my shoes. I watched the bachelor while I ran/walked (mostly walked) 4 miles. Today is going to be a good day!

Back to the stenciling!

The easy part is done. The hard part is about to begin. 

This is how I made my wall stencil:

Step 1:

Print off trellis pattern & cut it out (found it online and blew it up to the right size)

Step 2:

Cut out shape on stencil paper (I used PLAID - Simply Stencils)

As you can see, it the stencil paper wasn't quite big enough, but it works just fine.

Here is what the stencil looks like...

And then it was time to practice. I know it isn't perfect and I am glad that smudge at the bottom isn't actually on my wall. I think I will get the hang of it!

Like I said, this was the easy part. I CANNOT decide on colors for my office. I feel like I may have overused gray in my house, but that is what I am drawn to. Here are some color options for my office...

Neutral & Sophisticated

Fun & Green

Cozy & Blue

 Blue & White

Minty Fresh

I love gray.

I love aqua too!

Classic Black 

Pretty & Pink

I have a big decision to make, any help is much appreciated.

Let me know your thoughts!

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