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Office Inspiration

I have decided on a color for our office (the stencil project below). 

And the winner is.....

Zen by Behr 

I will be buying the paint this weekend and slapping it up on the wall soon!

Okay, so I thought this color was a little out of my comfort zone. After writing this post I viewed it and noticed that the color is eerily similar to the background color of my blog. I guess I know what I like!


  1. Beautiful color! Looking forward to see the completion :)

  2. I like the color as well, and also seeing the end result of the stencil. I am also painting in the next few weeks (tomorrow, for sure if we have another snow day). I am considering a stencil project for our dining room. I looked at this site, so I would love to see yours too!

  3. I think your stencil will look wonderful. What's funny is I did a similar stencil just the other day in my coat closet! Only it was a different color, and not without its flaws lol. Check it out if you get some time.


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