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Kitchen Ideas

I have been drooling over some lovely blogs lately and they all have me thinking that I should really dive into this kitchen reno, especially because I have so much time on my hands right now. Here is my mood board I put together today. 

The kitchen in this picture is almost identical to mine, except right now mine has golden oak cabinets and I am soon going to be painting them white.

The tile was my jumping off point. It is something I have had picked out for some time now. I realize the color scheme is rather neutral, but because we plan to sell eventually, I figured the cosmetic work should be neutral and we can add flowers and other accessories to liven things up! 

Kitchen Inspiration


  1. Very calm and relaxing. Love it all :)

  2. I like your backsplash tile! What is the top square on the left?

    Where will you use the light with the shade? I love pendants with shades like that but I'm hesitant to use it in the kitchen.


  3. Katie,

    The top square tile will be the new flooring. I am not sure if we will go with that exact tile or not, but something similar and neutral. I do plan to use the fixture with the shade in the middle of the kitchen as our main light source. I know it isn't the norm to have a chandelier in your kitchen, but I think this one is stunning and would give it that extra umph I am looking for.

    Thanks for your comments/questions!



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