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Magical Furniture Find

We weren't exactly looking to purchase any furniture at our recent Nebraska Furniture Mart outing, but sometimes the clearance center can really surprise you. This weekend we found a magical piece of furniture and I do mean magical.

This is what it looked like on the floor and I am pretty sure the pink scared people away because this was a heck of a deal. Originally $1,160, for sale on for $815 right now, and normally sells for $599 at Nebraska Furniture Mart. And get this, we only paid $299 for it. Okay okay, it is supposed to be a piece of kids furniture, but being the DIYer that I am I saw the pink and it didn't scare me. I originally had plans to paint the pink something a little less...."little girl". My curiosity lead me to pull open the drawers to see if I could get the pink backing off and this is what I discovered...

A baby blue panel.

A lime green panel.

A perriwinkle panel.

A chocolate brown panel.

A lavender panel.

A black panel.

And finally, a white panel!

I still have some DIY thoughts in my head for this piece and am thinking maybe some mirrored panels would look lovely and make it look a little bit more sophisticated.


  1. That is unbelievable! All colors of the rainbow hidden in there. It is a beautiful piece. Mirrors would look great as well.

  2. Isn't it great! It should outlast all my decorating changes over the years:)

  3. That is pretty cool that it came with all those panels. What a score!


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