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Happy 25th Birthday to my husband:)

Today, the love of my life turns 25! It is also the 2 year anniversary of buying our first home, we've been married for almost 13 months and have been together for almost 8 and a half years.

You might find a reoccurring theme in these pics, see if you can pick it out!

Our photo shoot at our cousins wedding last summer, after a few drinks I might add.

On our honeymoon at Table Rock Lake.

Fake signing papers at our house closing.

You had to get that one! Jayhawks, my husband is OBSESSED with the University of Kansas Jayhawks. Even that last picture (our engagement session) was taken on campus. I am guessing since we don't really agree on our future children's names, he is probably waiting to throw out Jay Hawk, to me. Anyway, Happy Birthday to him:)

I will have a sneak peak at a new project verrrry soon!

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