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How to fulfill your shopping urge...for FREE:)

So, sometimes when I am bored and feel like shopping, I do some damage online. And no, I don't actually buy anything, but I put together pretty rooms without EVER even looking at a price tag. It is so much fun and cures my shopping urge. Today I put together a fun nursery. I have been oooing over that deer print for some time now (my nickname is Bambi) and am determined to use it in a nursery someday. I didn't necessarily have a gender in mind when I picked these pieces, but I feel it would be great for a boy or girl. It is definitely a mix of styles, an antiquey crib, modern dresser & chair, fun fabrics and a glamorous chandelier. I love the pops of orange/coral and seafoam. Most people run away from seafoam, but I think it is so soothing and pretty:)

Neutral Nursery

With a fun bookshelf and accessories, this room would be both fun and soothing. Perfect for a new addition:) 


  1. Adorable! I love seafoam, bedroom is that color now, it's the orange that usually scares me but you did a really good job using it. Love that dresser and the print is adorable.

    When you do moodboards do you make yours on Paint? Or another program?

  2. Thanks Molly!

    I use to make my moodboards. It is pretty user friendly and allows you to add most anything off the internet into "your items" so you can pick through them to create the perfect board.

    If you decide to use it, let me know if you have any other questions:)

  3. I love this combo! Looks awesome

  4. I second Coley's comment!! This combination is great! And pretty gender neutral too :)


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