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This & That

Today's Checklist:

- Complete my C25K - check!

- Vacuum and do the dishes - check!

- Paint the last bit of oak trim left in the house - check!

- Get my tan on - check!

- Eat a whole carton of blueberries - check!

Yes, that has been my day so far. It is so incredibly nice outside today, 78 degrees and not a cloud in the sky:) Isn't it pathetic that I am already counting down the days until winter....I want to move before I have to experience another Kansas winter. I don't think I will survive.

I have a few things on my house checklist that I hope to complete in the near future. The list only consists of small/cheap projects that I can afford to complete right now, but nonetheless they will be improvements.

House Checklist:

- Make a small valence for kitchen window

- Paint curtain rods white

- Make artwork for my bathroom

- Paint bathroom vanity white

- Find and add hardware to the vanity

- Find cute hand towels for bathroom

- Get some small storage baskets to store in my bathroom

We'll see how fast I can check these off!

And now for the fun stuff...pretty pictures!



  1. thos kitchens are making me ENVIOUS. xoxo shel

  2. LOVE the exposed beams in that kitchen...and the long coral and white maxi dress. Ahhh, maxi dresses.


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