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Paint Color Picks

I have been dreaming in paint colors lately. I decided to put all my picks on paper. Here are some of my favorites...

Glidden - Clear Blue Sky

Behr - Cloudy Day

Glidden - Cornflower Bouquet

Behr - Veranda Charm

Behr - April Mist

Glidden - Pebble Gray

Glidden - Smooth Stone

Glidden - Whispering Wheat

Martha Stewart - Sea Glass

Martha Stewart - Rainwater

Behr - Venetian Pearl

Berh - Palm Breeze

Behr - Antique White

Behr - Swan Sea

Glidden - Natural Linen

Behr - Down Home

Because we are currently in our "starter home", I have come to the conclusion that spending more money on this house (and this area) does not make sense financially. This doesn't mean I won't continue to make upgrades here and there and accumulate good deals on decor (nobody can stop me from doing that!). I am, however, going to start thinking a little bit more about our future home. Gather paint swatches, inspiration photos, and decor ideas that I can break out when the time is finally here! These paint colors are the start of that. You might notice that I love blue, greens, and grays. Some look a little cold, but in the right space with the right decor they can all be warmed up. I am dreaming of white moldings, cool paint colors, and comfortable fabrics, ahhhh.

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