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I wandered to Goodwill on Thursday, determined to find some decorating accessories. There wasn't a lot to choose from, but I was inspired by what I saw.

First are these antique bronze candle holders ($.99 each). 

I picked up a can of Krylon Metal spray paint and hit these babies with a coat of primer.
(Yes, I was in my garage in the middle of the night doing this. Hence the darkness.)

I decided to go with the nontraditional apples as apposed to candles. Quirky and fun if you ask me!

I also found these candle holders ($.99 each). I was planning on giving them a coat of paint as well, but kind of like the eclectic feel of the different finishings.

This bowl was $2. It will make a great centerpiece bowl for the dining table, but for now is being featured on my "buffet" in the dining room. No alterations required for this beauty.

I plan on hitting another Goodwill today (if they are open). Hopefully, I will have the same luck!

After my success at Goodwill, I headed to HomeGoods. This wasn't just any ol' trip though, it was something special. I had, thanks to my wonderful husband, in my own two hands, a gift certificate for $100 (he received if for doing a good job at work and I was able to convince him to get it to HomeGoods). I am a frugal shopper at heart, but on this day I decided to buy things I normally wouldn't buy. And here is what I got for $101.42.

Mirror: $24.99
Sheet set: $23

Fake tree and blue thingy: $14.99 each

Candle holders: $3.99 and $4.99

I'll have to admit, besides the mirror and sheet set, which were necessities, I don't feel all that great about my purchases. I think for the most part I feel guilty for spending $15 on a very mini fake tree, but it was just so cute. And as for the candle holders, I still haven't decided if they are cute or completely hideous. Only time will tell...

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